Tick tock tick tock….

Last year we all thought 2021 would be better – in some respects it has been but for many it has been a rough year.

Furlough has ended and the race is on to get COVID booster jabs rolled out as the second doses wear off. We’re not out of the woods yet.

The world of work has been shifting to either the “old normal” or a new hybrid. The job market has been active with clients fighting for candidates and those who move slowly invariably miss out. Time has taken on a new meaning this year and it’s not for wasting. The Queen echoed this on Wednesday when she said, ‘none of us can slow the passage of time’.

Every day we speak to people seeking new opportunities for growth, whether that’s in terms of a pay rise, promotion or breadth of role, and the opportunities are there for the taking. CVs have taken on a new shape. Longevity in a role no longer looks like 8+ years but it’s far more typical for people to move on after 3. If you are interested in exploring what roles are out there then have conversations with recruiters. Find out what your options are and make informed decisions on what is right for you. Your time is yours. Use it wisely.

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